You can create a chat, group, and channel with paid access in one messenger.
Сontext: EdTech is growing steadily by 20-25% per year. In 10 years, investments in EdTech have grown 14 times. TechCrunch considers EdTech to be the new FinTech.
Another global problem for Internet users is searching for consultations, courses, marathons, and chats.
Issue: For many experts, the process of entering the market is unclear, too expensive, or complicated. To run a simple online marathon, you need to create a website, add payment methods, handle payments and send requests to those who paid. These are all energy-intensive processes that require time and budget. Sometimes - a great team. Most services do not have an affordable system for withdrawing funds to Ukrainian accounts.

AXSIOMA simplifies everything to one application and a few minutes.
Growth due to influencers
Authors and experts from other social networks will encourage their audiences to subscribe to their chats or channels.
Organic growth
Users will subscribe to other users' subscriptions. The viral effect allows authors and experts to earn more.
App Promo by YSV Digital
Targeting, PR, marketing communications, content marketing, SEO, ASO, and SMM - will be used for fast user growth at launch. And will help to maintain it in the future.
AXSIOMA aggregates experts from various fields in one place. That allows users to find the advice they need quickly.
AXSIOMA opens new opportunities for celebrities, influencers, public figures, and politicians to monetize their publicity and media.