Automatic prolongation

Subscriptions to chats and channels with an automatic subscription prolongation type renew after it expires by default.

If the chat’s/channel’s price has changed, the autopayments are canceled and the User must rejoin the chat/channel.

By purchasing any automatically renewable subscriptions, the User agrees that Axsioma will charge the corresponding subscription using the payment card registered in the User’s account on the first day of each new billing period.

If Axsioma is unable to automatically get payment due to card’s expiration, blocking and other similar reasons, the User is granted a 7-day period to update payment details. During this time, the User will have full access to the chat’s/channel’s content. When this period expires, access to the relevant chat (subscription) is canceled until the User updates his payment details and pays the cost of chat’s/channel’s usage.

How to unsubscribe

The User can unsubscribe from chat’s/channel’s content any time before the end of the current billing period. The cancellation takes effect at the end of the current billing period. Access to paid services is maintained from the moment the User unsubscribes until the beginning of the next billing period.

Payment refund rules

Reimbursement of funds paid for the right to use the chat or channel is provided only in case of early termination of the chat by Axsioma or as a result of illegal or unacceptable intent in the chat/channel recorded.

How return money back

To cancel the services and make a refund, just send an email to [email protected], Axsioma will confirm the request by email to the specified when ordering (access purchase) address. If written confirmation is not received within 24 hours of sending the letter, please contact our support team (the phone number is listed on the website).

To make a refund, please indicate:

  • name and email specified when ordering;
  • service’s name (chat name, chat link);
  • order date;
  • payments data;
  • reasons for refusal of services, as well as other necessary information.

If the decision to refund is positive, the User receives an email confirmation to the email address specified in the User’s profile. The funds will be credited automatically to the User’s card account within 5 banking days.

In case of violation of the rules for a refund request or failure to provide the above information, Axsioma has the right to refuse a refund.

End of withdrawal period

If the chat’s/channel’s Owner has provided the services specified in its terms of use in full before the expiration of the decision to refuse and refund and / or within 7 calendar days of subscribing to the chat (for example: you had access to the chat or channel within the specified time), no refund is made.

When the rules for requesting a refund / refusal of services are violated, Axsioma has the right not to consider the request.